Missing and definitely in action

I have been AFK… for good reason.  I’d like to introduce our newest addition… Spud…


Tater and Cheezer have been watching lots of educational TV.  Spud was born on the 11th, I spent the entire week in the hospital.  My parents stayed the next week with me, and this past week, I was all alone with all three of my children for the first time.  When I brought Tater home, I distinctly remember crying to a friend that the only goal I had that week was to mop the kitchen, and didn’t get that done.  She laughed until 2 months later- she had her first child and understood completely.  I am super woman in comparison that that first time mom.  Super woman sporting kryptonite.  My mama left the house spotless, and it has been upkeep at this point.  I’m still tired, but ready to come out of hiding and get some stuff done!

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6 Responses to Missing and definitely in action

  1. Cindy Barnett says:

    I know I only have 2 to your 3, but isn’t it amazing the difference in how we are with the next one, as opposed to the first one? I mean, I don’t think I functioned for about 2 months with Alex. And with E, I was up and out within a week. I mean, I wanted to leave the hospital the morning after I had her. I remember barely being able to make myself any meals, and so in preparation for E, I bought a freezer full of foods I could eat with one hand – waffles, hot pockets, bagels. And my freezer is still full of these foods, because- gasp- I could actually make a sandwich or eat something that required a fork.

    I’m in awe of you being able to handle 3, as I’m still working on just 2. But you are a super momma. But isn’t kyptonite the thing that hurts superman down?

  2. tatertotschool says:

    Yes, I feel like Superwoman- carrying kryptonite. I’m sooooo tired. My piece is getting smaller though.

  3. tatertotschool says:

    Yes, I feel like Superwoman- carrying kryptonite. I’m sooooo tired. It’s getting smaller though.

  4. Amanda says:

    You are so creative!!! I LOVE those names… Tater, Cheezer, & Spud! LOL

    He’s absolutely precious! :)

  5. Chelita says:

    Awwwww, you have three babies now! :) Congrat’s! I will follow you in August! ;)